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SFCGAL is a C++ wrapper library around CGAL with the aim of supporting ISO 19107:2013 and OGC Simple Features Access 1.2 for 3D operations.

SFCGAL provides standard compliant geometry types and operations, that can be accessed from its C or C++ APIs. PostGIS uses the C API, to expose some SFCGAL's functions in spatial databases (cf. PostGIS manual).

Geometry coordinates have an exact rational number representation and can be either 2D or 3D. Among supported geometry types are :

Supported operations include :


SFCGAL is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License 2+.

⚠ Note that the main dependency for SFCGAL is the CGAL library, and SFCGAL uses CGAL modules which are licenced as GPLv3+. Whenever you compile and distribute SCFGAL with the GPL-licenced CGAL, the full packaged result is automatically considered as GPL version 3 or later, due to GPL "viral" property.
If you link and distribute SFCGAL with another software package, be assured to fully understand the implications and check any legal and technical requirements implied by the licence.